WebStal is a dutch word. The first part, Web, is obvious. The second part, Stal, means something like a corral, of stable. A safe space for animals. It references to my love for sheep (yeah, I know).

At first, it was a hosting company. I hosted some sites, developed some amazing products, and things went relatively well. At the beginning of 2020, my brain went mental. I realized I was an alcoholic, and that I had some serious problems. So I went to a clinic to work on my problems.

During that period, my daughter died during birth.

It changed my life. It changed every aspect of it, even what I want to do now. It became almost a calling to start working on the good things of this life. To focus on the parts that are important, instead of getting lost in this thing we call 'life'.

So I brought back WebStal, and I'm working on some amazing free products. Of course it's amazing. Here's a short overview of the things that will come very soon:

Privacy-focused search engine

A search engine, built by me, that takes a different look at the web. It uses tags to make groups of results. For example: you can search for 'potato' in all political articles. By doing that, there's no bubble where you can get stuck into, or predicted results based on every site you ever visited. At this moment, the crawlers are running and doing their thing.

Anonymous writer

Inspired by telegra.ph, but with some more options as: edit articles later, combine posts to a blog, things like that. It will be built without having user profiles, storing user data, or tracking things.

These two products are something that are in my mind for a long time. I hear you ask: "Why build a new search-engine? There's no market for them!" Maybe. Maybe not. For me it's also a great project to learn new things.

So that's a very short description of what you will find here. I will post personal stories and product-related stories. It's me, the developer, being open to you. You should know who makes your products. That's what makes the solution better.